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Robin Williams' Advice For People Who Are Depressed Is Really Touching And Important

This really struck me… the personal account written below actually reminds me a lot of my own childhood…

What’s really strange is that the little button below the video suggesting that I like “Upworthy” on Facebook showed a list of my Facebook friends who had already liked it… and one of the names on the list was my cousin who killed himself last year. It’s almost like he was reaching out to me, letting me know that it would be all right…

Most Of These People Do The Right Thing, But The Guys At The End? I Wish I Could Yell At Them.

"Don’t get involved."
Are you serious?! You are a witness and you have the power to stop something terrible from happening, but instead you choose to turn a blind eye just for the sake of your own PERSONAL convenience?

"She won’t leave this place with you because she don’t know you."
THANK you, kind stranger, for not letting a creeper lead someone away… and he later explains it’s because he was thinking of the safety of his own daughter.

"She doesn’t want you to do that, so back off."
This lady knows what she’s talking about! More people need to step up and say this sort of thing.

"Either you walk out of here or there’s going to be a problem. You’re not taking her out of here."
This guy! Thank you for showing the world what a real man is.

"She’s going to wake up with her pants around her ankles and think, What happened?" *laughter*
Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with you? How is that amusing in the slightest? And one of those guys was an off-duty cop… If he thinks it’s funny to joke about a girl being raped, how does he have any place serving and protecting innocent citizens?

That awkward moment when you try to explain the concept of shipping/OTPs to someone IRL and they look at you like you’re speaking another language…




I’d love to punch you right now but the prime directive clearly states that primitive species should not be interfered with until they reach a certain level of maturity in their evolutionary tree.

Did you just burn someone in Vulcan? 

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i can’t believe people get so angry about a bisexual spider-man. whatever. have your shitty bi/homophobic opinions. you’re an asshole anyway. i just can’t believe you’re robbing everyone of all the glorious ‘swings both ways’ jokes


Kuvira. Kuuuuuuvira.

I’m really loving all the symbolism Bryan, Mike, and the crew are throwing in this season (if episode 1 is any indication of the later episodes, at any rate), and Kuvira’s bending is no exception. I am just. in awe okay.

Kuvira, from what we understand of her intentions, pretty much represents Fascism, a form of government that puts emphasis on the state (country, whatever) and encourages (or, well, forces) the citizens to hold the state above all. Hence Kuvira’s “uniting the Earth Kingdom” thing, and her acts of coercion against the governor of Yi. 

So, she’s pretty much Fascist. What does that have to do with her bending?


Kuvira, as you probably notice when watching all her super rad fight scenes, does this thing with metal plates where she binds, blinds, and gags her opponent. I don’t know if you’ve all taken a history class that covered WWII, but if there’s one thing fascist governments are known for, it’s censorship. Kuvira takes away these people’s ability to see, move, or speak. She is also the one with the power to remove these bindings.

Basically: “You see what I let you. You only have a voice when I let you have a voice. You only do what I allow you to do.”

Kuvira’s bending seems to be reflecting her political ideals and I’m so damn excited oh man.

You know how people shout this all the time?

I want to start a thing with me and all my LGBT friends (well, if I had friends IRL). Every time someone says something that sounds very bland, basic, or cisgendered, we’ll just shout, “Ha, STRAAAIGHT!”

Cut them basic bitches down a notch. Yeh.